Tourist Center of Anlong Limestone Resort

The Architecture is located in a karst canyon, covering the area of 700 acres with the magnificent scenery. The canyon is surrounded by the typical karst topography of rocks, one of which is a vertical cliff of one hundred meters, divided in two parts by a winding river that flows into the underground from two sinkholes (tiankeng).

The Tourist Center is located on the top of a hill that lies at the bottom of the canyon. Due to the particularity of site selection, the first problem that the design team need to solve is the relationship between architecture and environment. The scenery of the canyon is powerful enough to become the protagonist of the Resort; Meanwhile, the buildings should be integrated into the environment, and then to improve the environment with its own characteristics. Therefore, it has become the starting point of design to deal with explicit and implicit of buildings .

There are four peaks on top of the hill, in between of which are highlands. The designers break up the entire block into single pieces and hide them in the peaks and highlands, accommodating a symbiotic relationship of rocks and buildings: the buildings are hidden in the rocks while stretch out from the gaps.

The Tourist Center consists of four parts: a reception hall, a restaurant, a club and a conference hall. The newly designed buildings are following the form of traditional double-slope residential houses in southwest Guizhou, whose facade materials are basically local stones.

Project info

Project Name: Tourist Center of Anlong Limestone Resort
Location: Dushan Town, Anlong County, Southwest Guizhou Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province
Client: Anlong Heyun Tourism and Cultural Development Co.,Ltd
Design Company: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Principal Architect: He Wei
Design Team: Chen Long, Mi Jian, Sun Qi, Zhao Zhuoran, Song Ke, Wu Qiancheng
Consultant: Nie Jian, Wang Bin
Building area: 1400 sqm
Period of Design: May 2016 – Sept 2016
Period of Construction: Aug 2016 – Jul 2017
Resident Engineer: Jin Leizhu, He Xiugen
Cooperation Company: Mountain Journey (China) Co., Ltd.
Interior Construction Drawing Design Company: Hongshang Design
Interior Furnishing: TYMJ Home Furnishing
Photographer: Jin Weiqi