Space Enhancement Project in Wangjiatuan Village-Persimmon Garden

The project is located in Wangjiatuan Village, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China, which is transformed from two groups of residential courtyards. There is an open space of more than 20 meters between the courtyard and the road, and there are several fruit trees in the site. A corridor between the courtyards leads to the back mountain, which is densely vegetated with tall trees such as persimmon and catalpa. The original building was a typical Jiaodong(east area of Shandong) folk house: the courtyard composed of main house and wing rooms, and the wall made of tile roof and rubble, thick and elegant.

The design draws on the techniques of Chinese traditional private gardens, but also hopes to create some kind of countryside flavor of northern villages. First, the trees in the site are preserved and shaped as the main landscape elements. Then, according to the space needs, two pavilions are added at the entrance and the middle of the garden. They not only provide space for use, but also separate the site and become the focus of the line of sight. A 10cm deep shallow pool is designed in the middle of the pavilion, and the path is arranged in twists and turns along the pool. Pools, trees, buildings and walls form this northern rural garden.

The pavilion has a single slope roof, while the base of the traditional stone masonry technology is equipped with the window sash with the central axis of the wooden grille, with no ancient form, but a rustic flavor. The treatment of the garden wall also adopts the regional traditional stone technology, which forms a space-time dialogue with the tiger skin stone technology of the old wall. The appearance of the original residence has been completely preserved, with the entrance, doors and windows transformed. Based on the comfort of interior design, it emphasizes the old-new dialogue and the openness. The room layout is reorganized , the living room space is added, and customers could find a balance between history and contemporary through the combination of old and new furniture.

Project info

Project name:Persimmon Garden
Location: Wangjiatuan Town, Weihai , Shandong Province
Design Company: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Principal Architect: He Wei
Design Team: Chenlong, Zhang Jiaojie,Sang Wanchen,Liqiang,Wu Lijun
On-site:Representative: Liu Weidong
Soft outfit counselor: Baibing
Building area:480 sqm
Cooperation company:Beijing VAGE Institute of Architectural Design & Planning Co., Ltd
Period of Design: Dec. 2017 – Apri 2018
Period of Construction: 2018
Photographer: Jin Weiqi