Liu Geng Tang Hall

The project is located at the entrance of Hongguan village, the residence of a master of ink making in the late Qing Dynasty, with a history of one hundred years. The original building has three floors, including the central room with living room, halls and master bedrooms, guest rooms, kitchen and courtyard.

The building was repaired first, and then renovated according to the new function — a homestay hotel, of which the theme centers on the Chinese literati culture of the area and the original architecture, with special emphasis on the theme of Hui ink. The first floors of the central room and guest rooms together with the 3-storeyed kitchen are as public service and catering space, equipped with study, Guqin (Chinese zither) room and tea room, etc. The second and third floors are changed into guest rooms, totaling 13 rooms. The courtyard retains the original osmanthus and jujube trees, and a café is added in the southeast. Through a large staircase, guests can reach the roof of the café, on which the platform serves as the place for outdoor activities. On the premise of not destroying the appearance of the old building as far as possible, modern facilities such as sound insulation, heat preservation and toilet have been added to improve the comfort.

The design attempts to seek a balance between the restoration and innovation of the old building: while retaining the important historical information of the original building, new elements are placed in the reversible way to form a new-to-old dialogue. At the same time, the owners also invited well-known artists to create a wall painting of the “Ink God” and other works of art reflecting the story of Hui ink traditions.

Project info

Project name: Restoration and reconstruction of Liu Geng Tang Hall in Hongguan village, Wuyuan County
Location: Hongguan village, Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province
Owner: Shang Yi Xuan Resorts Ltd. in Wuyuan
Architecture, interior and landscape design: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio(
Principle architects: He Wei, Chen Long
Design team: Zhao Zhuoran, Cao Shiqing, Wu Qiancheng(intern), Ye Yuxin(intern), Gao Junfeng(intern)
Lighting concept: Zhang Xin, Zhao Xiaobo, Zhou Xuanyu
Project consultant: Wu Zhixuan
Design period: April – Dec. 2017
Photographer: Fang Liming