Space Enhancement Project in Wangjiatuan Village-Mica Bar

The building is transformed from an ordinary folk house. The original building was built adjacent to the stream, with the balcony overhanging over the water, flat single-roofed and the wall white-painted. These elements endow the original folk house with a modern architectural atmosphere. The transformation does not seek to return to the traditional form, but hopes to maintain the “spontaneous modernity” characteristics of the original building and strengthen it, forming a dramatic contrast with the surrounding traditional houses. First, the red slope roof imposed on the flat roof by the government a few years ago and the kitchen built are dismantled. To the original balcony structure, five transparent window boxes are embedded, which not only expands the indoor space, but also gives the building a more transparent and fashionable appearance. French windows make the building open and form the relationship between seeing and being seen indoors and outdoors. The east and west facades adopt semi transparent tile walls, which will form interesting light and shadow effects at a specific time. Hollowed-out tile walling is a common folk construction technique in Chinese countryside, which softens the boundary between the building and the surrounding environment.

The “white” design elements extend into the interior architecture, creating some kind of plain and a little rough spatial atmosphere by using terrazzo floor, hollowed-out tiled wall, white steel mesh and log as main spatial materials, which form the spatial base, as well, like the blanks in traditional Chinese paintings, providing endless possibilities for the future. The floors of the “showcases” are painted with different colors, which show splendid hues under the sunshine and reflect into the white spaces, subtly mirroring the vibrant aura in the bar.

Project information

Location: Wangjaituan Town, Weihai , Shandong Province
Design Company: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Principal Architect: He Wei
Design Team: Chenlong, Zhang Jiaojie,Sang Wanchen,Liqiang,Wu Lijun
On-site Representative: Liu Weidong
Soft outfit counselor: Baibing
Building area:120 sqm
Cooperation company:Beijing VAGE Institute of Architectural Design & Planning Co., Ltd
Period of Design: Dec. 2017 – Apri 2018
Period of Construction: 2018
Photographer: Jin Weiqi