Dianjiang Bagu·Suji in Chongqing

The project site is located at Shilu Village, Guiyang Street, Dianjiang County. It belongs to the Moon Mountain Range, with an altitude of about 800 meters. In the west of the site, the back mountain is high, surrounded by hills on both sides. And there is a gap in the southeast where man can see the county town 8 kilometers away. There is a horseshoe-shaped paddy field in the site. The production and life of the original villagers revolve around this paddy field.

The architecture will include two B & B brands, which have independent areas and serve different groups of people. The two B & B houses share a series of public spaces, including a book bar, an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant. The buildings are arranged around the paddy field, forming the momentum of hemming horns in the space and mutual viewing in the vision. This is similar to the relationship between “seeing and being seen” in traditional Chinese gardens. The role of the paddy field is like the water surface in the garden which is not only the main body of watching, but also provides a theme for people’s activities in space.

The guest rooms and reception area are located at the foot of the mountain on the west and south sides, and try not to occupy the land on the premise of having a good view. The original road in the site was moved westward, passing between the new building and the mountain forest behind it, so that the traffic between the new building and the paddy field is not disturbed, which is also convenient for the closed management in the later operation. The book bar and the outdoor swimming pool are arranged together, located on the north side of the paddy field, with the forest behind as the backing. The restaurant is located in the east of the site. It is the only building built in the paddy field, yet buried in the middle of the paddy field. In the southeast corner of the core area of the site, a watchtower is also built, which can be used not only for climbing and sightseeing, but also for forest fire prevention.

The guest rooms have excellent viewing surface, comfortable indoor and outdoor environment, and is closely combined with the original elements of the site: old trees, rice fields, mountain forests, etc. The function of the book bar includes the library and the water bar, which is located on the north side of the venue, adjacent to the outdoor swimming pool. The building has a large-scale roof, which is a translation of the super scale roof of the local traditional residence. The restaurant is selected to be built on the edge of the paddy field. In order not to damage the overall landscape of the paddy field, the architect uses the elevation difference of the terrain to bury the building underground. The rice on the roof is integrated with the paddy field around the building, which makes the building invisible and gives the building distinct personality.

Project info

Project name: Architectural design of Dianjiang Bagu·Suji in Chongqing
Location: Shilu Village, Dianjiang County, Chongqing
Owner: Xingdian Industrial Co., Ltd in Dianjiang County
Operator: Suji Construction Society
Lead architects: He Wei, Chen Long
Project architect: Liang Zhuyu
Project designers: Liu Mingyang, Sang Wanchen, Cao Shiqing, Li Wanting, Hua Xiaoying, Zhang Tianyan, Li Junqi, Lin Peiqing, Li Hongyu (intern),Zong Zhenzhen (intern),Yin Xinyi (intern)
In-depth design: Lin Shen (architecture), Guo Jiasheng (structure)
On-site designer: Liu Mingyang
Partner: Beijing VAGE Institute of Architectural Design & Planning Co., Ltd
Architecture and landscape design (excluding interior design): 3andwich Design (www.3andwichdesign.com)
Landscape consultant: Li Guojun
Construction area: 2500 sqm
Design time: 2019 – 2020
Completion time: July, 2020
Photography: Jin Weiqi, He Wei