B Garden

B Garden is a low-cost project with a construction cost of RMB1.5 million (EUR195,000). On the basis of controlling construction cost, the designers try to create an interesting space experience. The architectural space draws on the language of spatial relationship among rooms, yards and corridors in traditional Chinese gardens, and makes critical transformation to make it conform to the context of contemporary architecture. The space paths are deliberately folded and curved, and the way people enter the building is relatively complex and tortuous, forming a dialogue and game between people and space. In some specific places, the Oriental elements are used to form a Zen space, so that people can experience the relationship to nature.

Designers have made a displacement of the blocks and have alternatively applied flat roofs and gable roofs (which have implied the position of original buildings.) Instead of a simple guesthouse or public service facilities, the new buildings will apply compound functions and formats, including guestrooms, a cafe, a teahouse, and an auditorium that can be used for public gathering and training programs, as well as a meditation space. The design of the pool and the light and shade is strengthened the interest and drama of the building. Through the reflection and inverted image of the pool, the dramatic scene appeared from time to time in the path.

Red brick is the main material adopted for the building facade. Brick is the most important building material in the second half of last century in China and there are a wide variety of traditional forms and skills of brick construction reserved by the folk craftsmen. Based on the study of local brick construction technology, the case also made contemporary innovation, so that bricks can serve the needs of shaping space.

Project info

Project Name: B Garden
Location: Xin County, Xinyang City, Henan Province
Client: Xin County Dabie Mountain Camping Park Co., Ltd.
Design Company: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Principal Architect: He Wei
Design Team: Chen Long, Li Qiang, Zhao Zhuoran, Song Ke, Wang Lingzhe, Huang Shilin
Building area: 920 sqm
Period of Design: Nov. 2016 – Feb. 2017
Period of Construction: Jun. 2017 – Sept. 2017
Photographer: Jin Weiqi, Zhou Meng