BMW Art installation - Urban Breathing

Time: 2021

Size: diameter 6m, height 3.6m

Material: comprehensive material

The installation is a cooperative project between the artist and BMW, with the theme of “Urban Breathing”. With the help of the installation, the artist hopes to arouse the audience’s thinking about the relationship between city, nature, science, technology and people, so as to more truly understand the meaning of “breathing”, especially after the global epidemic.

Instead of using high-tech means, the artist uses simple materials and construction methods to produce simple and direct interaction between people, installation and nature. In the installation, the audience can see the shadow of the cloud, hear the sound of the wind, and touch the light and color of life. More importantly, all this is perceived in a relaxed, simple, comfortable and friendly way, just like breathing.

The artist believes that breathing is the premise and daily state of everyone’s survival. We need to breathe every day and every moment. Breathing not only keeps us alive, but also makes us realize that we are alive, especially during the new Covid-19 pandemic.

Cities, like people, need to breathe, which is also the premise and daily state of every city’s survival. The sun rises and setts, the wind blows and ceases, and the people living in the city come and go, recuperating… The breathing of the city is a natural behavior. The elements that can best reflect the breathing of the city are the light and shadow of the sun shining on the face through the slits between the leaves, the thin clouds receding on the treetops, the dew glittering and flickering in the morning, the wind flying past the eaves, and the wind bells tinkling in the wind…

That is breathing, which should be easy and simple.

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