No. 5 Service Station of the Ecological Corridor around Erhai Lake

The service station is located in Xiajiyi Village, Dali Town, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture. It is a part of the bicycle greenway system around Erhai Lake. The east side of the site is close to the bicycle lane, about 50 meters to the east is Erhai Lake, and the west side is Xiajiyi Village and a large area of farmland, overlooking Cangshan Mountain. The elevation of the site is about 1.5m lower than that of the road and surrounding farmland. The landscape around is flat where Erhai Lake can’t be seen.

The design inspiration comes from the commemoration of Dali Bai ethnic group’s traditional sailboat. The designer uses the height difference of the site to bury the functional space in the semi underground on the side facing away from Erhai Lake, and realizes the effect of green hill through roof soil covering and green planting. Above it is a sail of 9 meters high and 14 meters wide. It is set up on the shore of Erhai Lake like a sculpture. The cloth surface of the sail adopts the traditional tie dyeing pattern of the Bai nationality, with the blue and white colors echoing the sky of Dali.

The building consists of three functional spaces: a semi underground covered public restroom and leisure bar and an observation platform standing on the hill. The entrance of the restroom and leisure bar is in the west of the site. People enter from the gap in the middle of the hill, which is relatively quiet and private. The main body of the building is reinforced concrete structure, and the external wall adopts local masonry technology. The indoor of the leisure bar use emphasized colors: the representative blue of tie dyeing technology is extracted to become the main tone of the space, and the bright yellow added on the vertical board of the water table has a comparative and specific effect. The interior of restroom is also blue. The entrance is specially designed with a circular water ripple device and a circular skylight. When the light enters, the three circles echo each other, increasing the interest of the space. The observation platform and sail are the signs of the area. Through the Z-shaped ramp, people can reach the 6.5-meter-high platform. This is a rare high point in the greenway park around Erhai Lake where one can overlook the scenery of Erhai Lake over the treetops.

Project info

Project name: No.5 Service Station of Erhai Lake Ecological Corridor
Project address: Yunan Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture
Client: Dali Cang Er Invetstment and Construction Co., Ltd.
Architectural and interior design: 3andwich Design
Principal architects: He Wei, Chen Long
Design team: Wang Ziyi, Meng Xiangting, Wan Yuexiao, Sang Wanchen
Structural consultant: Pan Congjian
Lighting design: Z DESIGN & PLANNING
Team members:Qi Honghai, Liu Xianyu, Xu Bing, Chen Wen, Li Qiang, Gan Yunsong
Partners: Beijing VAGE Institute of Architectural Design & Planning Co., Ltd
Design time: 2020
Completion time: Sept. 2021
Site area: 1500m2
Construction area: 195㎡
Photographer: Jin Weiqi, 3andwich Design