Reconstruction of Yanjiao Campus Library of Central Academy of Fine Arts

The project is located in Yanjiao Campus of Central Academy of Fine Arts, as the transformation of a campus library. The library, formerly known as the Library of the Affiliated Middle School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, was founded in 1953 and changed into a campus library in 2006. In recent years, the problems of the library gradually appear, mainly focusing on the outdated space and equipment, the hidden entrance, the discontinuous rooms, and other teaching space interfering with each other.

Aiming at the problems of the library and the demands of its future use, the architect considers the library and the adjacent art gallery together, and puts forward the four-in-one design concept of “collection, exhibition, reading and enjoyment”. The design first moves out the laboratories of other departments that interfere with the use, and connects the library spaces; Then the new entrance is planned, and the new hall is built by using the idle space of the original building to provide public space for the area; Finally, the reading space is refined to make the space more reasonable and comfortable, and to provide readers with a diversified and relaxed reading environment.

The new entrance and hall are the focus of the reconstruction. The entrance uses white perforated plate and orange aluminum gusset plate facade, forming a distinct imaginability. The entrance ground is also orange and extends to outside, giving people a welcome gesture. The hall is the most important public space in the future. The original staircase and columns are cleverly covered and hidden, which divides the hall into two spaces, front and back. The walls and floors are simple and bright, mainly gray and white, with a modicum orange. The roof adopts the acrylic high grillings generated by Voronoi diagram algorithm, which not only blocks the direct sunlight, but also provides rich light and shadow changes to the space, giving the space a dynamic atmosphere.

Project info

Project name: Reconstruction of Yanjiao Campus Library of Central Academy of Fine Arts

Location: Sanhe City, Langfang City, Hebei Province

Owner: Yanjiao Campus Library of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Lead architect: He Wei

Design team: Chen Long, Hua Xiaoying, Li Wanting, Shen Xingyi(intern), Ji Ran(intern)

Construction drawing design: China Academy of Building Research

General director of detailed design: Sun Yan

Architecture: Li Li

Interior architecture: Ma Guohui

Structure: Guo Shen

Heating and ventilation: Chen Yimei

Electrical engineering: Ning Ke

Construction: Jiangsu Jinxiang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

General construction area: 2900sqm

Design time: 2018-2019

Completion time: April, 2021

Photography: Jin Weiqi