Renovation of the 809 Arsenal Relics –Rimrock Tea Bar

The volume design of the building starts from the simplest cuboid, of which the long side is perpendicular to the edge of the cliff, and it is about 3 meters overhanging out of the cliff as a whole. The bottom of the cube is supported by steel columns, forming a visual effect suspended on the cliff. According to the landscape effect of the four viewing surfaces of the building, the design team improves the vertex height of the southwest corner and northeast corner of the square top surface, and reduced the vertex height of the northwest and southeast corner. This changed the original four rectangular facades of the building block into four different trapezoidal facades, with the west and south sides larger and the east and north sides smaller. A torsion surface is formed by setting out the four sides with different slopes on the top surface, which also makes the original simple building block more dynamic and flexible.

In order to express the “light” state of the building in the environment, the design team selectes glass and white aluminum plate as building appearance materials. White aluminum panels are used in the east and north facades and roofs to visually wrap the building blocks. Large area glass curtain walls are selected for the west and south facades, providing a continuous viewing surface for the interior space.

The interior adopts white and wood color as the main tone. The wall and top surface are simple white, and the ground surface adopts light wood color floor, which is comfortable and warm. The sunlight spreads through the huge glass curtain wall, bringing the beautiful scenery into the indoor space. The exposed structure of the interior roof fully demonstrates the charm of the integrated design of space and structure. The Z-shaped steel plate beam changes with the torsion of the roof, forming the effect of three-dimensional curved surface and becoming the only protagonist of the space.

Project info

Project name: Renovation of the 809 Arsenal Relics – Rimrock Tea Bar
Project type: Leisure and service architecture
Project address: Yichang City, Hubei Province, China
Client: Yichang Traffic Tourism Industry Development Group Co., Ltd.
Architectural and interior design: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio
Principal architects: He Wei, Chen Long
Design team: Zhao Zhuoran, Li Qiang, Song Ke, Zhang Tianyan, Li Xinglu, Sang Wanchen, Wu Qiancheng(intern), Huang Shilin(intern), Zhou Qi(intern), Li Wan(intern)
Structural consultant: Pan Congjian
Lighting design: X Studio at School of Architecture, Tsinghua University
Lighting design team: Zhang Xin, Han Xiaowei, Zhao Xiaobo, Wang Dan, Song Baiyi, Tao Longjun
Design time: 2017
Completion time: April 2020
Construction area: 120m2
Beijing VAGE Institute of Architectural Design & Planning Co., Ltd
Beijing Hongshang International Design Co., Ltd