Shangping Village Regeneration - Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area

The original cultural elements and landscape like pond, bamboo shoots squeeze, gateway and the ancient stage ruins are utilized by designers for the regeneration. Some unused structures such as pigsty and shed are obvious on site, which is remained to be major landscape elements.

From a deserted pigsty to a bar: ‘Pigsty Bistro’ is a major new building in this area. The exterior of the building is not aggressive by keeping previous materials: rubbles and wooden roof. The floor plan is divided into four part for raising pigs. Each square is infilled with new bar, coffee table and Kang table (a heatable brick bed). The design would like to create a cosy and dramatic atmosphere by placing colorful floral pillows, Kang table, pigsty feeding,rebar decorated floor and color variable LED lights, etc. Some of these ‘Exotic’ stuffs makes it more interesting for visiting, especially for youngsters.

Lotus Chamber is a teahouse transformed from a old utility room. It represents ‘Being Incorruptness’ for having the same pronunciation with integrity in Chinese. The design kept old rubble wall and only fixed non-recyclable wood structure on the upper level, then making it a teahouse by water.

Between Tai Fu Tai Mansion, Bistro and conference room, structures for bamboo shoot s squeeze (for making dried bamboo shoot) were kept and renovated to become a great  installation. One of it could still be used for producing dried bamboo shoots. When Qingming Festival comes each year, visitors could also experience making bamboo squeeze by themselves, which becomes a great interaction on site. Another one is renovated to be a pavilion. Whenever there are show playing underneath, audience could see through windows nearby.

Project info

Project Name: Shangping Village Regeneration – Tai Fu Tai Mansion Area
Location: Xiyuan Town, Jianning County, Sanming City, Fujian Province, China
Client: People’s Government of Xiyuan Township
Architectural Design Company: 3andwich Design / He Wei Studio(
Principal Architect: He Wei
Building area: 151 sqm
Period of Design: Aug 2016 – Nov 2016
Period of Construction: Nov 2016 – Dec 2017
Lighting Design: Zhang Xin Studio, Tsinghua University School of Architecture
Lighting Design Team: Zhang Xin, Han Xiaowei, Zhou Xuanyu, Niu Bentian
Interior Construction Drawing: Hongshang Design
Photographer: Zhou Meng