The Old Dam Foundation Station

Site: Hecun Township in Tonglu County, Zhejiang Province

Owner: Tonglu Hecun Township Government

Building area: XXX

Design time: 2015

Status: Design scheme

The construction site is located in a stream and is an unfinished dam in the 1970s. With the beautiful surrounding scenery, and the existence of streams not only provides unique environmental conditions for the building, but also puts forward the problem of flood control. The new building is a tourism service facility, which is divided into two floors: the first floor is closed and heavy in appearance, with functions of exhibition, conference and logistics services; The second floor is open and transparent, with functions of catering and leisure.

The design is inspired by the environment where the building is located: the first floor uses pebbles as the main material and is connected with the original dam of the base; As for the windows and entrance, the needs of flood control are considered, which can resist the rising water level in flood season; The design of the courtyard not only meets the needs of lighting and ventilation, but also enriches the space. The shape of the second floor is three dislocated cubes, which respectively correspond to the excellent landscape direction around; The building’s appearance materials are transparent glass and milky glass, which are in contrast to the stone on the first floor; The shape of the skyline comes from the abstraction of the outline of the surrounding mountains, forming an echo with the environment.

In dry and wet seasons, the building have different relationships with the stream. By lower water level, the first floor of the building is exposed, and a platform close to the water is connected with the stream for people to play in the water; When the water level rises, the first floor of the building will be partially submerged (flood control treatment is specially designed so that the water will not enter the building), and the height of the building on the water surface will be reduced, showing a dramatic effect.

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