Urban renewal design in the south of the National Art Museum of China

The project is part of the “May 4th Street environmental improvement project”. The May 4th Street is located in the core area of the old city of Beijing, on both sides of which there are many important historic relics as well as cultural and public buildings, such as Peking University Red Building, Truth Seeking Magazine, National Art Museum of China, Guardian Art Center, etc. The planning scope is located in the south of the National Art Museum of China, starting from the East Huangchenggen South Street in the west and reaching the Guardian Art Center in the east, with a total length of about 250 meters, covering an area of about 4700 square meters, while the original total construction area is about 3500 square meters. Most of the traditional courtyards in the area are one-storey dwellings, with very chaotic illegal construction. There are many art supplies stores in the area opposite the art museum. Before 2000, it was the most important painting material sales place in Beijing and has special historical memories. However, with the change of urban population structure, the business of painting materials has been gradually withering, the quality of buildings and external space has been dilapidated, and the region shows a state of decline.

The design aims to achieve the overall boost of the region and create a “cultural kilometer” in which modern art and traditional culture blend with each other by means of reconstructing the spatial layout, demolishing illegal buildings, upgrading business forms, architectural transformation, and finishing the facades. The new functions of the area will focus on contemporary art, including public exhibition halls, art education, China-Chic boutique stores, etc. At the same time, through the reconstruction of the external space of the city, the design has also created a new urban public space for the region and improved the quality of life in the region.

Project info

Location: May 4th Street, Beijing, China

Client: Dongcheng District People’s Government of Beijing Municipality

Site area: about 0.5 hectares

Design time: 2020 – 2021

State: design scheme, partially completed (completion time: April 2021)