Xihe Cereals and Oils Museum and Villagers’ Activity Center

This project is situated in Xihe Village, Xin County, Xinyang city, Henan province, China. The village has a beautiful environment, which include ancient dwellings, ancestral temples, old trees and rivers. However, the village suffers from poor economy and lack of vitality, most of residents still living here are left-behind elders, children, it is a typical left-behind village.

This is a public welfare design project, the aim is to repair the environmental, motivate vitality and revive the economy of the village through good design. The project construction funds from the government subsidy and the villagers cooperatives. The construction was also mainly down by the left-behind villagers (including old people, women and disabled villagers) themselves. The finished building will be managed by the villagers. This project is more like a public event, it prompts the villagers to stand together for the village revitalization.

In this project, the architect also serves as the role of business planner. Combined with local economic crops and the traditional technology, the design team masterminded the product like organic tea oil for the Xihe Village, they also help the villagers created the brand “Xihe good oil”.

The project is also trying to fix China’s rural traditional organic agriculture and handicrafts, as well as reviving the rural economy. Under the stylist’s proposal, villagers had purchased and repaired the only remaining and, workable oil squeeze (it has a history of 300 years) in local village, and this hand oil process had been restored all over 30 years.

The renovated buildings including: a tiny museum (for displaying local native crops and oil process), a villager activity center (it could meet the multiple needs of the Xihe village and the surrounding villagers’) and a restaurant. In the designer’s expectations, it will be a new public place for Xihe village, and stimulating vitality of the village, meanwhile, it will also pull the economy of village, reshape the rural industry. Based on the result of application, those targets has been reached basically.

Project info